Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Basic Archery Training Steps

fuhhh....aga letih ari ni...untuk pengetahuan sume,ak bru balik dari kelas kokurikulum...ak amek klas archery...stakat ni memang napak ak berbakat dlam bidang neyh...hahahaa*wlpom bru 1st tme pgang....

so, ak ase tpggil nk share sdikit ilmu ng korg......

1 – Stance:

bullet PointPut the tip of your toes against an imaginary straight line towards the centre of the target
bullet PointPut your feet on both sides of the line
bullet PointPut your feet about shoulder's width apart
bullet PointTry and relax
Step 1 - Stance

2 – Finger Placement:

bullet PointPlace your fingers in such a way, that you hold the string with your index finger above the nock and middle and ring finger under the nock
bullet PointHook the string between first and second joint. Make sure to maintain a deep hook.
Step 2 - Finger Placement

3 - Bow hand placement

bullet PointThe pressure of the bow should be distributed along the pressure line
bullet PointRelax your fingers. The back of your hand should make an angle of 45 degrees
bullet PointThe tips of thumb and index finger are may touch each other in a relaxed way
Step 3 - Bow Hand Placement

4 - Extending the bow arm

bullet PointBring the bow arm to shoulder height
bullet PointThe elbow of the bow arm is turned away from the string
Step 4 - Extending the bow arm

5 - Drawing the bow

bullet PointDraw the string along the bow arm in a straight horizontal line to the anchor point
bullet PointDraw with your back muscles, moving the shoulder blades towards each other
bullet PointStand straight up and relaxed
bullet PointKeep both shoulders as low as possible
Step 5 - Drawing the bow

6 - Anchoring

bullet PointThe string should touch the middle of the chin
bullet PointThe index finger is placed under the chin
bullet PointKeep your teeth together
Step 6 - Anchoring

7 – Aiming

bullet PointAiming is done with the dominant eye. Shut the other eye
bullet PointKeep the sight at the target
bullet PointKeep the string a little left of the sight
Step 8 - Aiming

8 – Release

bullet PointKeep pulling the shoulder blades towards each other, while relaxing the fingers of the draw hand
bullet PointA relaxed bow hand will automatically move backwards
bullet PointRelax your bow hand. Let the bow drop
Step 9 - Release

9 – Follow-Through

bullet PointThe draw hand should be relaxed and near or behind your ear
bullet PointKeep aiming until after the arrow hits the target
Step 10 - Follow-Through

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